Hello! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me.  

My name is James Brenner (most people call me JP). Currently, I am a student at Indiana University Bloomington studying Political Science and Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Hopefully, I’ll be adding on some cool minors and certificates, but I am still deciding on which route to go with those.

I care deeply about helping others and aspire to make a sizable impact throughout my life and career. Most people tend to describe me as reflective and compassionate. I enjoy spending time outdoors, playing or watching sports with my friends, and reading all sorts of books.

I never thought that I would have my own blog. It kind of just happened. Now, it’s something that I enjoy doing and helps me practice my writing. Themes may range from politics to travel, from schoolwork to my fitness journey. Maybe you will think this is stupid. But to me, it is about self-improvement and accomplishing my goals. So, even if you think this whole thing is ridiculous, you just might find something useful to your own journey when reading about mine. Life is a process. Do not be content with stagnation or accepting of failure. Always try to improve.

Enjoy the site. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, comments or ways I can enhance my academic and professional career.


Exciting news! I have another site focused solely on writing. Check it out here.